Stepping Up, a detailed account of the prominent lines at Bridger Bowl, hit bookstores in March 2005 and continues to be a relevant and great read in 2018! The first edition was well received, so we released the Second Edition in February 2009. Written by Tavis Campbell and Sam Cox, Stepping Up: A Guide to The Ridge at Bridger Bowl, is full of photos, maps and descriptions. The book describes one the famed American ski areas where the extreme movement started and took hold. Areas that are coverered in the book include The Ridge, High Traverse and Fingers. The new terrain on the Ridge is excluded from the guide.

Stepping Up, the Second Edition includes a 102 page account of the lines off The Ridge with Foreword by Scot Schmidt and Closing by Dr. Robb Gaffney. It also has an interview with Tom Jungst, 90 photos, including aerial shots marking possible descents as well as, photos of Jim Conway, Tom Jungst, Scot Schmidt, Doug Coombs and many local Bridger Bowl skiers.

The book started to take shape in early 2000, when Campbell started working on the project. After the vision was formed, Campbell and Cox collaborated on the project. They began documenting, taking photos and gathering information with the intent of producing a solid tool for Bridger Ridge riders.

"Scot Schmidt and Robb Gaffney made significant contributions to this project," said Campbell and Cox. "We would have never thought that lowly ski bums like us could get buy-in from the pros. Neither of us have ever done this sort of thing, it turned out to be a huge learning experience." The book was quick to gain recognition in Bozeman and has continued to do so in other publications. Reviews and mentions have been seen in Powder, The Ski Journal, Couloir, Telemark Skier and Outside Bozeman.

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